Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Reviews: Be The Master Of Your Time

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Reviews: Be The Master Of Your Time

September 2, 2023 0 By Rowena Cletus
  • Watch 6 (44mm) 
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Barometer, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor, Electrical Heart Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Infrared Temperature Sensor, Light Sensor, Optical Heart Rate Sensor
  • Memory: 2GB RAM + 16GB Internal Memory
  • Chipset: Exynos W930 Dual Core 1.4GHz
  • Display:1.5″inch, Super AMOLED (480×480), Always On Display, Sapphire Crystal, Aluminum Frame
  • OS: Android Wear OS 4, One UI Watch 5
  • Body: 44mm
  • Battery: 425mAh
  • Weight: 33.3g
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Price: RM1,199

In the bustling landscape of modern life, the smartwatch has seamlessly transitioned from a mere accessory to an absolute necessity. Much like its counterpart, the smartphone, it has ingrained itself into our daily routines, proving to be an indispensable tool that goes far beyond its initial role.

With a quick glance at its vibrant screen, one can effortlessly stay on top of emails, messages, and important updates, all while staying engaged in the present moment.

However, labeling the smartwatch as a mere technological sidekick to productivity would be an understatement. Even in the midst of a chaotic schedule, the smartwatch takes on the responsibility of a vigilant health tracker.

For someone like me, the smartwatch has transcended the boundaries of accessories and become an integral part of my daily existence, especially when I step out for work. The moment I strap it onto my wrist, I am equipped with a powerful tool that ensures I am always in sync with my commitments, my health, and my surroundings.

A Blend of Comfort and Durability

The evolution of smartwatch straps has taken a leap, and at the heart of this evolution is the use of a fluoroelastomer—a fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber. This choice of material marries durability with comfort, resulting in a wearable that stands up to the challenges of daily life while providing a snug and pleasant experience.

One standout feature is its resilience to wear and tear, making it an ideal companion for those intense cardio sessions at the gym. Unlike other materials that might succumb to moisture and grime, this strap can be washed and dried with ease, ready to be worn again. Moreover, its color doesn’t fade with time; even after more than a year of usage.

A notable transition in the design comes in the form of a switch from the slide clip mechanism to a pressed button for detaching the strap. This design alteration brings an elegant touch to the strap’s functionality. However, like any innovation, it comes with a learning curve. I have found that a precise press in the middle with adequate force is required to reattach the strap effectively. 

The hook, although small, holds great importance, as it secures the strap in place. This tiny hook, while refined, can present a challenge for users who might find themselves removing and reattaching the strap multiple times due to its intricacy.

The latest strap design, with its slightly thicker edge, might require a more deliberate approach to reattachment, but it accommodates an array of strap designs for those with a flair for fashion. 

Here’s where a brilliant surprise lies: users in the Malaysian market can actually use straps from previous models, stretching all the way back from the Watch 4 to the Watch 5, even if the body size has changed from 40mm to 44mm. This is due to the universal 20mm body strap length, a thoughtful detail that enhances usability and sustainability.

However, even as the strap design impresses, there’s room for improvement, especially for the Malaysian market. Limited color choices can leave users craving more variety. 

Elevating Fitness: Seamless Integration with Samsung Health App

The Galaxy Watch 6 proves to be an unerring fitness companion, seamlessly bridging the gap with its intuitive capabilities, this smartwatch takes the guesswork out of tracking your efforts.

Be it a leisurely walk or an intense run, the watch’s automatic detection kicks in, meticulously logging steps, heart rate, and calories burned. And for those off-the-list gym workouts, a convenient solution awaits. A simple selection of “others” allows you to customize your workout by creating a new feature, labeling it, and hitting start—all within the smartwatch itself.

The watch’s intelligence doesn’t stop there. Pausing mid-workout? The watch senses it and stops counting, then gives a gentle nudge as you resume to ensure accurate tracking. The culmination of your endeavors is beautifully presented in the Samsung Health App, an interconnected ecosystem for Samsung smartphone users. Here, data syncs seamlessly, and you can share your achievements with friends or fellow fitness enthusiasts.

The Galaxy Watch6 has built-in fitness apps, nestled within the Samsung Health App, providing a holistic approach to wellness. From invigorating home workouts to quick stretches and meditative exercises, the app caters to diverse needs. With various selections tailored to keep you healthy, this dynamic duo of smartwatch and app ensures you have the tools to lead an active lifestyle.

A Display that Shines, No Matter the Sun

The display of the Galaxy Watch 6 is a marvel that adapts to the world around you. Under the intense glare of the sun, there’s no need to fumble with brightness settings; it intuitively adjusts to the light conditions, ensuring visibility remains uncompromised.

The bigger display is a true showstopper, creating a sleeker profile that graces your wrist with modern elegance. The slimmer watch body isn’t just about aesthetics—it brings a flatter, more comfortable fit, wrapping your wrist in a sleek embrace.

Beneath the surface, the engineering prowess shines. The watch’s slimmer underside, compared to its predecessor, ensures a snug fit that stays securely in place even during high-energy cardio workouts. The display, fortified with Sapphire crystal and embraced by an aluminum frame, exudes durability. So, whether you’re sweating it out at the gym or layering on accessories, your peace of mind remains intact.

Besides functions, it’s a canvas for your style. With the freedom to change watch faces as your outfit evolves, it effortlessly merges fashion with technology. Today’s outfit of the day (OOTD) gets a chic upgrade, right on your wrist.

Software that Elevates the Experience

Underneath the sleek exterior of the Galaxy Watch 6 lies a software experience that’s a true game-changer. Seamlessly running on the new Wear OS 4, it becomes the world’s first Android smartwatch to embrace this evolution. 

Powered by Android 13, the Wear OS 4 brings a breath of fresh air with enhanced battery life and silky-smooth performance, courtesy of Google’s ingenious optimizations.

But Samsung’s innovation doesn’t stop there. Layered atop Wear OS 4 is One UI Watch 5, the brand’s latest smartwatch skin. Bursting with health-oriented features, streamlined optimizations, new watch faces, and more, it’s designed to redefine user interaction. 

Seamlessly integrating software and hardware, this combination enhances the user experience, making every interaction effortless and intuitive.

Delving into the technical realm, the Galaxy Watch 6 boasts an expanded RAM compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 5. This upgrade translates into swifter multitasking, empowering users to fluidly navigate through multiple apps without experiencing lags or the need to clear apps for a smoother interface

Enhanced Functionality and Features: Galaxy Watch 6 Unveils Exciting Additions

The Galaxy Watch 6 has taken a leap forward in terms of features, catering to both new and existing users. While many apps have been carried over from its predecessor.

The introduction of sleep coaching is a game-changer for those seeking insights into their sleep patterns. However, its efficacy relies on a seven-day adaptation period, during which the user wears the smartwatch during sleep. 

Having personally tested this feature, its success hinges on individual comfort levels. As a wearer, I found it a bit cumbersome to have the device on my wrist while sleeping, leading to some initial discomfort.

For those who can comfortably adapt, the sleep coaching feature offers comprehensive data. From sleep duration to sleep scores, it diligently records various sleep stages and even monitors blood oxygen levels. This in-depth analysis provides users with a holistic understanding of their sleep quality.

Beyond the realm of sleep, the Galaxy Watch 6 extends its functionality to monitor heart rhythm. Utilizing an electrocardiogram (ECG) app, the smartwatch can automatically track heart rhythms and issue alerts in case of irregularities. This remarkable addition serves as a potential lifeline, allowing users to detect potential heart issues early on and take prompt medical action.

Battery Performance: Fueling Your Wearable Journey

The Galaxy Watch 6 series isn’t just defined by its sleek design and features; it’s also powered by robust batteries that keep you going. Each watch display boasts a different battery size, with the 44mm variant, such as the one under review, housing a commendable 425mAh battery.

Here’s the catch: bigger batteries mean extended endurance, but they must strike a balance with comfort. A watch must fit comfortably to provide accurate pulse readings, even as it strives to keep you powered up for longer periods.

For those opting for the daintier 40mm display, there’s a trade-off between battery life and a design that perfectly complements women’s wrists. With a 100mAh difference, it’s a matter of finding the right fit for style and function.

Charging efficiency is another dimension to explore. Charging from 0 to 22 percent takes just about 30 minutes—a quick pit stop in the midst of your day. However, a full charge from 0 to 100 percent demands around 2 hours, considering the sizable 425mAh capacity. But in the real world, we rarely let our devices hit rock bottom before plugging them in. Typically, the moment we spot the battery dipping to 35 percent, we rush to recharge. This smart strategy yields a full charge in around an hour, granting us a fresh battery to power through.

And the results speak volumes. The Galaxy Watch 6 series outlasts its predecessor, all thanks to the ingenious inclusion of more capacious batteries. As technology leaps forward, battery life follows suit, ensuring your smartwatch remains an enduring companion, journeying alongside you.

Should you buy this Smartwatch?

In the grand tapestry of the digital age, where every advancement comes with its own set of pros and cons, the smartwatch has undoubtedly earned its place. It has gracefully transitioned from being a gadget to a lifeline, a tool that bridges the gap between our digital and physical realities, assisting us in managing our work, health, and time. 

If you are seeking a smartwatch that delivers without draining your wallet, look no further. The Galaxy Watch 6 is your ideal companion. And the best part? The Galaxy Watch 6 series goes the extra mile with its battery life, outshining its predecessor. This longevity owes itself to Samsung’s strategic inclusion of larger batteries, ensuring your smartwatch keeps pace with your dynamic lifestyle.