Samsung Galaxy A55 5G In-depth Review: The Radar Got Larger

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G In-depth Review: The Radar Got Larger

April 8, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus
  • Performance: Exynos 1480 / 12GB RAM
  • Main Display: 6.6-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED
  • Weight: 213g
  • Storage: 256 GB
  • OS/Software: Android 14, One UI.6.1
  • Battery: 5,000 mAh
  • Charging: 25W wired
  • Features: 4K UHD / 1080p / 720p HD video recording
  • Rear Camera: 50 MP Wide + 12 MP Ultra-Wide + 5 MP Marco
  • Front Camera: 32 MP, 4K Video recording
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, Bluetooth 5.3, NFC, 5G
  • Colour: Awesome Navy
  • Price: RM 1999
The Unboxing Video

Prepare to enter a new era of mobile excellence with the Galaxy A55, which is poised to redefine your mobile experience with its sleek design and cutting-edge features. This device is designed to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle, whether you’re capturing stunning photos with its advanced camera system, immersing yourself in vibrant entertainment on its 120Hz display, or effortlessly multitasking with its powerful 12GB RAM processor.

Design And Display

Unboxing and holding the Galaxy A55 reveals its similarity to the previous Galaxy A54 model in design, yet it distinguishes itself with a sturdier build and a wider screen, giving it a premium edge within the A-Series range.

At 213g, this device showcases a 6.6-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display, delivering vibrant colors, deep contrasts, and a smooth 120Hz refresh rate for an engaging viewing experience. The Vision Booster feature, combined with the 6.6-inch screen, facilitates seamless streaming even in high-exposure lighting.

Unlike the Galaxy A54’s plastic bezel, the A55 sports a metal bezel and Corning Glass Victus+ on both sides, ensuring enhanced durability. Additionally, these new devices uphold the Galaxy A series’ legacy of providing enjoyable and immersive mobile experiences to everyone, offering Super AMOLED displays that exhibit remarkable clarity in Full High Definition for activities like watching shows or browsing social media.


Despite retaining the same camera configuration as the previous Galaxy A54 with a 50MP Wide + 12MP Ultra-wide and 5MP Macro setup, there might be a question lingering in your mind about whether they will yield identical results.

However, the Galaxy A55 5G introduces enhanced Nightography capabilities, allowing it to capture clearer and more vibrant photos even in challenging low-light situations.

Now, let’s delve into the details and explore the all-new experiences offered by the A-series camera lenses.

Indoor photography

For indoor photography, optimal results are achieved in well-lit areas with high exposure. If you find yourself in a low-dim environment, it’s advisable to seek out a well-lit area and capture your photo from that angle. This approach leverages the lighting exposure to enhance the quality of your photos.

Outdoor Photography

Let’s begin by discussing daytime photography. When capturing photos in well-lit conditions with high exposure settings, you’ll notice that details are more pronounced, the overall enhancement level is increased, and the background appears vivid and clear. This optimal lighting condition allows the camera to capture finer details and produce visually appealing images.

Regarding zoom capabilities, it’s important to note that while modern smartphone cameras offer zooming functionality, there are limits to the level of zoom one should use. Zooming in too close, especially to the highest zoom level, can result in a loss of image quality, known as pixelation or “breaking” of the picture. It’s advisable to use zoom moderately and within its optimal range to maintain image sharpness and clarity.

Low lighting during the night
The Galaxy A55 impresses with its ability to capture clearer and more vibrant photos, even in challenging low-light conditions. Leveraging the advanced AI image signal processing (ISP) of the A55 5G, it delivers stunning low-light images that set a new standard within the Galaxy A Series.

For those interested in night photography, here are some tips to achieve outstanding results. When shooting, focus on the subject, whether it’s a person or a building, to ensure clarity and detail. Experiment with lowering the ambient lighting to zero before snapping the photo. The camera’s lens will then process and enhance the image, transforming it into an amazing picture with improved brightness and sharpness.

When capturing night scenes, avoid taking photos with bright lights behind you, as this can lead to overexposure. Instead, try positioning yourself with the light source behind the camera, while you stand in an area with lower ambient lighting. This setup maximizes the camera’s exposure to light and results in well-balanced and captivating night shots, similar to professional-quality images.

Front camera with a portrait

The front camera of the Samsung Galaxy captures vivid pictures effortlessly, even in low-light conditions at night. For portrait shots, users have the flexibility to customize the intensity of the blur effects based on their preferences.

Samsung Galaxy devices are known for their advanced features, including optical image stabilization (OIS) and video digital image stabilization (VDIS). These technologies ensure that both photos and videos remain sharp and clear, even when capturing moments on the move.

The Galaxy A55 stands out as the first device to feature a massive amount of RAM, promising consumers significant benefits when paired with One UI 6.1 and the S23+. Notably, the absence of AI distinguishes it from its counterparts.

Priced at RM1999, this device offers more than just a larger screen with a vibrant refresh rate; its substantial RAM also brings it closer to flagship-level performance. Samsung has kept its promise to deliver top-notch performance at affordable prices, ensuring that consumers can enjoy premium craftsmanship without breaking the bank.

Equipped with the Exynos 1480 chipset and a generous 12GB of RAM alongside 256GB of storage, the Galaxy A55 delivers a powerful combination for the A series. This setup enables seamless multitasking, swift app launches, and responsive navigation across the user interface, promising a smooth and efficient user experience.

Security Just Like Top-Notch Flagship Device

Samsung has gone beyond just creating durable builds with the Galaxy A55; it has also incorporated cutting-edge flagship security features like the Samsung Knox Vault. This innovative security solution is hardware-based and resistant to tampering, providing comprehensive protection against both hardware and software attacks by establishing a secure execution environment.

Samsung Knox Vault plays a crucial role in safeguarding critical data on the device, such as lock screen credentials (PIN codes, passwords, and patterns), and device encryption keys that encrypt users’ private data stored within the device. Only users with the correct lock screen credentials can access this data, ensuring protection even in the event of loss or theft.

Furthermore, the Galaxy A55 benefits from Galaxy’s multi-layer security platform, including Samsung Knox, a globally trusted security platform designed to secure critical information, detect threats in real time, and provide end-to-end secure hardware. It adopts a holistic approach across the entire Galaxy ecosystem, emphasizing collaborative protection.

The device also offers Auto Blocker, an optional package of additional security measures that can block unauthorized app installations, conduct app security checks for potential malware, and prevent potentially malicious commands and software installations via USB cable connections.

New Galaxy A Series users will appreciate the Security and Privacy Dashboard, which simplifies monitoring and controlling data usage and permissions. They can utilize features like Private Sharing within Quick Share, enabling secure and encrypted sharing of private files containing sensitive information.

With the introduction of One UI 6 and updates to Samsung Knox Matrix, Samsung continues to enhance its vision of a secure interconnected ecosystem. Knox Matrix, for instance, can detect and isolate threats to keep the overall system safe from potential attacks.

Samsung’s commitment to security extends to its ongoing support for Galaxy devices. Users can expect up to four generations of Android OS and One UI upgrades, along with five years of security updates. This ensures that Galaxy devices remain secure and up-to-date for an extended period, optimizing their lifecycle by providing the latest features and Android updates.


The Galaxy A55 is equipped with a 5,000mAh battery, offering sufficient power to sustain usage throughout the day. Charging from 20 percent to 100 percent takes just 1 hour and 10 minutes with 25W wired charging, ensuring a quick and convenient way to recharge your device whenever necessary.

Should you purchase this?

The Galaxy A55 stands out as it seamlessly integrates with the broader Galaxy ecosystem, providing users with a cohesive and interconnected experience across various Galaxy devices. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition and effortless connectivity, enhancing overall user convenience and productivity.

Holding the Galaxy A55 reveals a level of sophistication and performance, unlike any other device in the A-series lineup. Priced at RM1999, it offers exceptional value with its powerful RAM, coupled with the S24 series processor and a larger, vibrant screen. This combination not only delivers robust performance but also enhances the overall user experience, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a feature-rich and capable smartphone within this price range.