Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra Live Translate

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra Live Translate

January 29, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

Samsung Electronics has taken a giant leap forward with its latest Galaxy lineup, featuring the groundbreaking Galaxy S24 Ultra powered by Galaxy AI. On January 17, Samsung introduced a revolutionary personal interpreter – the Live Translate feature, embedded right in the pocket-sized device. This innovation promises to transform the way people communicate, whether it be in a business meeting, during travel, or even while making restaurant reservations.

Samsung Newsroom recently tested the Live Translate feature by calling a local modern Italian American restaurant in downtown San Jose, California. The firsthand experience showcased how this technology effortlessly breaks down language barriers and facilitates seamless communication.

To make a reservation, a Samsung Newsroom editor utilized the Live Translate button on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, initiating a call to the restaurant. Upon connecting with a restaurant employee, an automated message announced that the call was being translated and live-captioned. The ensuing conversation, conducted in Korean, saw the editor effortlessly communicating her reservation details, with the Live Translate feature seamlessly conveying the translated message to the English-speaking restaurant employee.

The Live Translate feature on the Galaxy S24 Ultra supports an impressive array of 17 languages, including variations, providing both audio and on-screen text translations during conversations. The device even remembers the language used for each contact, automatically setting it for future calls. This powerful tool functions flawlessly across all phone types, from smartphones to traditional landlines.

One notable success story emerged when Samsung Newsroom visited the Italian-American restaurant for an interview with the general manager, Drianna Cardarelli. Drianna expressed her enthusiasm for Live Translate, highlighting its potential in the hospitality industry. She envisioned it as a valuable asset for guests who don’t speak English, making them feel more comfortable and eliminating language barriers that may arise during phone interactions.

Drianna emphasized the simplicity and effectiveness of Live Translate, particularly in situations where a phone call is more convenient than using online platforms. Live Translate becomes a game-changer for businesses dealing with a diverse clientele, such as Spanish-speaking guests, allowing them to bypass language barriers effortlessly.

Live Translate is just one of the many features of the Galaxy S24 Ultra powered by on-device AI, ensuring private and secure phone calls. The on-device AI processes call quickly, outperforming its online counterparts. As part of the Galaxy AI ecosystem, Live Translate exemplifies Samsung’s commitment to expanding possibilities for users, empowering them to connect and create in new and innovative ways.