MarryBrown Delivers Bubur Lambuk This Ramadan Season

MarryBrown Delivers Bubur Lambuk This Ramadan Season

March 26, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

Marrybrown, Malaysia’s top Halal Quick Service Restaurant, showed kindness and generosity by giving out over 20,000 servings of bubur lambuk all over the country. This noble act is part of Marrybrown’s effort called MB Kasih Ramadan, aimed at helping those in need during this holy month and building stronger ties with the local community.

Starting from the beginning of Ramadan, Marrybrown began its mission with a stop at Masjid Wilayah, where Yang Berbahagia Tuan Haji Mohd Ajib bin Ismail, Director of the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs (JAWI) department, was present. They have been distributing food diligently across different states and will continue until April 2, 2024.

Daniel Chan, Marrybrown’s CEO, emphasized the brand’s dedication to community welfare, saying, “As a proud Malaysian brand, the tradition of bubur lambuk during Ramadan is very important to us. Through our efforts, we want to make Ramadan special for everyone, promoting unity and togetherness in our community.”

Each serving of bubur lambuk represents Marrybrown’s commitment to serving the community and spreading happiness during Ramadan. Marrybrown is determined to work with organizations to make positive changes in communities, strengthening the bonds among Malaysians.

Marrybrown serves millions of customers across 16 countries with over 500 Malaysians may refer to Marrybrown’s distribution location for each state here. restaurants, ensuring top-notch quality, service, cleanliness, and value for a great dining experience.