BerKim Launches Malaysia’s First Luxury Fashion NFTs

BerKim Launches Malaysia’s First Luxury Fashion NFTs

May 27, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

BerKim, a leader in luxury fashion, is excited to announce the launch of its Real World Assets (RWA) as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Using blockchain technology, BerKim is making luxury fashion more accessible and creating new investment opportunities, setting a new standard in Southeast Asia.

“Our first online store, Mysac, uses blockchain to ensure product authenticity, build customer trust, and ensure safety in online buying,” said Kimberly Lee, founder of BerKim. “We believe in real-world efforts and innovative solutions. At BerKim, our mission is to push the boundaries of creativity and accessibility in fashion. By integrating blockchain, we focus on authenticity, community engagement, and learning, bringing fashion lovers and investors together.”

BerKim’s RWA NFTs include a special collection of 1984 unique tokens, each representing a piece of fashion history. These tokens offer exclusive benefits like access to fashion assets, social engagement opportunities, and investment rewards. Kimberly Lee added, “We expect our NFTs to increase in value over the next few years, providing significant returns to holders. Our NFTs are inspired by iconic women in fashion history, such as Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress and Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s look.”

Edison Choong, Head of ESG and Deputy Director of Matrade, emphasized the importance of digitalization in business, noting that technology can improve operational excellence and accelerate business success.

Datuk Wira Dr. Calvin Khiu, founder of OE Academy and a shareholder in the luxury boutique, supports BerKim’s venture. He highlighted how this initiative merges luxury fashion with advanced technology, showcasing new business models that promote profit and sustainability.

Key features of BerKim’s NFTs include:

  • Curated Collection: 1984 unique NFTs representing iconic fashion moments.
  • Benefits for Holders: Exclusive access to fashion assets, community engagement, learning resources, free airdrops of fractionalized fashion assets, and periodic investment rewards.
  • $Berkim Token Rewards: Special rewards for BerKim NFT holders, offering extra incentives and benefits.
  • Limited Supply: Only 1984 NFTs available, each tied to a unique piece of fashion history.

To celebrate the launch, BerKim hosted a forum titled “Convergence of Traditional Business Models and WEB3 for Sustainability and Profitability.” The event highlighted the value of NFTs in business, featuring representatives from MDEC, MATRADE, and other organizations. Discussions focused on using blockchain for sustainable growth and the transformative impact of technology on business and sustainability.

Starting from the launch day, BerKim will offer NFTs linked to luxury items displayed in the new MySac store. This store, opened alongside the NFT project, features valuable luxury bags represented as NFTs.

BerKim is also expanding its reach with an Asia tour that visited Dubai, Singapore, and Bangkok in April. This will be followed by a Europe tour in October, strengthening BerKim’s presence in the global luxury fashion market.

This launch underscores BerKim’s dedication to innovation and excellence, blending timeless elegance with Web technology to set a new standard in luxury fashion. For more information, do visit