AIRBOT’S 5.5 Shopping Festival

AIRBOT’S 5.5 Shopping Festival

May 4, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

AIRBOT is excited about great deals, especially when it involves essential home appliances that are used all year round! Airbot, known for crafting high-quality yet affordable home appliances, is launching a limited-time promotion alongside the 5.5 Double Date shopping festival. This promotion offers Malaysians irresistible savings on a wide range of home appliances, including the Airbot Aria Hyperstyler, Airbot iClean Omni X, Airbot Hypersonics Pro, Airbot Hypersonics Max, Airbot Aria Pro, Airbot Camera, and more.

The promotion will start on 5 May 2024 and last until 7 May 2024 on Airbot Malaysia’s official website and its Lazada Official Store. Additionally, the brand will offer a one-day promo on 5 May exclusively on Shopee.

Here are some key highlights of the promotion:

ProductSpecial Promotions
Airbot Aura(RRP: RM 699; usual price: RM 339)
Promo Price: RM 309
Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM19.90 to receive Airbot Induction Cooker IC01 (worth RM 250)
Airbot Hypersonics Pro(RRP: RM 1,499; usual price: RM 499)
Promo Price: As low as RM 399
Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM 2.00 to receive Airbot Home Security Wi-Fi Camera G2 G7 (worth RM 89.90)
Airbot Hypersonics Max(RRP: RM 2,399; usual price: RM 799)
Promo Price: RM 769
Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM 2.00 to receive Airbot Home Security Wi-Fi Camera G2 G7 (worth RM 89.90)
Airbot iClean Max(RRP: RM 3,599; usual price: RM 1,599)
Promo Price: RM 1,599
Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM 0.99 to receive Add-on Package (worth RM 599)
Airbot iClean Omni X(RRP: RM 6,999; usual price: RM 1,799)
Promo Price: RM 1,799
Add on Deal exclusively on Shopee: RM2.00 to receive Airbot Dual Blade Bread Maker BM3800 (worth RM 869)
Airbot Aria HyperStyler(RRP: RM1,999)
Promo Price: RM899
Airbot Aria Pro(RRP: RM 999; usual price: RM 349)
Promo Price: RM 249.99

Whether you’re looking for new vacuum cleaners, high-powered hair dryers, or reliable home security systems, Airbot has you covered with budget-friendly and exclusive deals that you won’t want to miss. Upgrade your home essentials with Airbot this 5.5 Double Date and enjoy premium quality at discounted prices, making your daily life more convenient and enjoyable. Don’t miss this opportunity to save big and enhance your home living experience with Airbot’s exceptional products!

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