Secure Your Ideal Samsung Monitor Now and Save Up to RM1,000 on Pre-Orders!

Secure Your Ideal Samsung Monitor Now and Save Up to RM1,000 on Pre-Orders!

June 4, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

Samsung is once again at the forefront of innovation in the monitor market with its new 2024 series. This latest lineup is poised to transform your visual engagement, work efficiency, and entertainment experience. The series includes a diverse selection of monitors, each designed to meet specific needs, from the thrills of gaming to the precision required for professional tasks.

Meet the Samsung Odyssey OLED: The Ultimate Gaming Monitor Gamers in search of the best visual experience will find the Samsung Odyssey OLED to be a revolutionary choice. Equipped with cutting-edge OLED technology, this monitor provides:

  • Deep Black Levels: Dive into the depths of black and experience the infinite contrast for a captivating viewing experience.
  • Ultra-Fast Response Times: Say goodbye to motion blur and enjoy unmatched responsiveness. Stay ahead of the game and outperform your rivals.
  • Superior Refresh Rates: Experience ultra-smooth gameplay with a 360Hz refresh rate, ensuring even the most dynamic games are displayed with perfection, giving you the upper hand.

Beyond gaming, the Samsung 2024 New Monitor series caters to professionals and casual users alike, with features that include:

  • Precision Colour Accuracy: Artists and designers will love the precise colour representation, guaranteeing that your creations are presented with exacting detail, ready for any medium.
  • Optimized Comfort and Ergonomics: Enjoy prolonged periods of work or leisure in total comfort, thanks to user-centric features like adjustable stands and modes that reduce eye strain.
  • Effortless Device Integration: Achieve smooth connectivity with your tech ecosystem, utilizing an array of ports such as HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C.

For those who have shown early interest, your anticipation is rewarded. Special voucher codes have been sent out, offering exclusive discounts on select models. Get ready to take advantage of these fantastic deals.

Promotional ProductsRRP (RM)Pre-order discount (RM)Price after pre-order discount (RM)
Odyssey OLED – LS27DG602SEXXSRM4999Discount RM1000 RM3999
Odyssey OLED – LS32DG802SEXXSRM6399Discount RM1000 RM5399
Viewfinity Monitor- LS27D700EAEXXSRM1399Discount RM150 RM1249
Viewfinity Monitor- LS32D700EAEXXSRM1699Discount RM200 RM1499
Smart Monitor-LS32DM500EEXXSRM1288Discount RM150 RM1138
Smart Monitor-LS32DM501EEXXSRM1388Discount RM150 RM1238
Smart Monitor-LS32DM700UEXXSRM1788Discount RM200 RM1588
Smart Monitor-LS32DM701UEXXSRM1888Discount RM200 RM1688
Smart Monitor-LS43DM702UEXXSRM2288Discount RM400 RM1888
Smart Monitor-LS32DM801UEXXSRM3488Discount RM600 RM2888

The pre-order promotion period, spanning from 1 June to 16 June 2024, presents a limited-time opportunity for customers to take advantage of significant savings1. Pre-order your Samsung monitor today and unlock the future of display technology.

Experience the Samsung difference. Pre-order now!

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