Samsung Elevated Lifestyle To Spark The New Way of Life

Samsung Elevated Lifestyle To Spark The New Way of Life

January 31, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its latest display innovations ahead of CES® 2024, showcasing QLED, MICRO LED, OLED, and Lifestyle display lineups. The announcement also marks the dawn of the AI screen era, introducing a groundbreaking AI processor set to revolutionize smart display capabilities and enhance user lifestyles.

SW Yong, President and Head of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, emphasized the shift towards creating displays that go beyond visual experiences, stating, “Displays should enhance our lives both on and off the screen.” Samsung’s AI screens, powered by on-device AI technology, aim to be the focal point of users’ homes, connecting compatible devices to offer a more flexible and diverse lifestyle.

The Neo QLED 8K series takes center stage with its NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, delivering double the AI performance of its predecessor. The enhanced processor, featuring a neural processing unit, boasts 512 neural networks, ensuring crisp detail in every on-screen element. The Neo QLED lineup introduces features like 8K AI Upscaling Pro, AI Motion Enhancer Pro, and Real Depth Enhancer Pro, providing superior picture quality. The Infinity Air Design complements the visual experience with a screen depth of only 12.9mm, offering an immersive and sleek viewing experience.

Audio quality is not overlooked, with features like 2024 Q-Symphony and Active Voice Amplifier Pro ensuring a harmonious audio-visual experience. The 2024 Tizen OS streamlines the home TV experience, offering personalized content recommendations and easy access to favorite channels through Samsung TV Plus.

Samsung’s connected ecosystem leaps forward with Samsung Daily+, a hub for in-home activity, offering services from personal training to video calls. The ecosystem also introduces Mobile Smart Connect, enabling seamless control of featured apps and services via a smartphone.

The OLED lineup for 2024 builds on the success of previous models, introducing OLED Glare Free technology for an immersive viewing experience even in daylight. The S95D, in particular, boasts advanced picture-quality engines, making it Samsung’s brightest OLED screen with high refresh rates.

Lifestyle products continue to cater to individual preferences, with The Frame offering an enhanced art experience and energy-saving features. The Premiere 8K Projector and The Freestyle 2nd Gen portable projector provide innovative solutions for home entertainment.

To complement the visual experience, Samsung’s 2024 soundbar lineup, featuring models like Music Frame, HW-Q990D, and HW-S800D, offers immersive audio experiences with advanced AI algorithms.

Samsung’s 2024 TV lineup promises a seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, setting the stage for personalized, immersive experiences that redefine the way people live and engage with their devices. With a focus on AI, connectivity, and individualized experiences, Samsung continues to push the boundaries of display technology and elevate home entertainment to new heights.