Samsung Electronics CES® 2024 to Showcase Record Number of Startups from C-Lab Program

Samsung Electronics CES® 2024 to Showcase Record Number of Startups from C-Lab Program

January 4, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced its largest-ever participation in CES® 2024, where it will showcase 15 innovative startups from its C-Lab program. This impressive lineup will be featured at Eureka Park, the Venetian Expo’s primary platform for startups, during the CES event running from January 9 through 12 in Las Vegas.

CES® 2024, anticipated to attract over 130,000 visitors, including global business leaders and investors, offers a significant opportunity for these startups to gauge market responses and explore business possibilities. Pilgyu Jeon, EVP and Head of the Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics emphasized the C-Lab program’s role in nurturing startups for the global stage.

Since its inception in 2012, the C-Lab program has fostered 872 startups and projects, with a remarkable $1 billion raised in investments by 537 C-Lab startups.

Diverse Innovations from C-Lab Outside

C-Lab Outside started in 2018, supports ten startups this year, featuring breakthroughs in AI, energy, and healthcare. Highlights include Dr.Tail, an online veterinary service now accessible via Samsung Smart TVs, and other innovative projects like RebuilderAI, Ghost Pass, DEEPX, Style Bot, Vision, DolbomDream, 60Hertz, Wrtn Technologies, and NdotLight.

C-Lab Inside and Spin-Off Startups

Two in-house projects from C-Lab Inside, focusing on healthcare and pet tech, will be showcased, along with three C-Lab Spin-off startups, including Yellosis, Becon, and Goose Labs, demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to internal innovation.

Achievements in CES 2024 Innovation Awards

C-Lab startups have achieved notable success, with 23 CES 2024 Innovation Awards, including one Best of Innovation Award. Specific mentions include STUDIO LAB for its AI-based commerce solutions, Yellosis for its smart health management toilets, and DEEPX for its AI semiconductor innovations.

Samsung’s C-Lab program continues to be a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, with its strong showing at CES® 2024 further solidifying its position as a leader in fostering cutting-edge technology and business ventures.