Vivo Y78 5G Perfect Companion for Photography

Vivo Y78 5G Perfect Companion for Photography

August 2, 2023 0 By Rowena Cletus

Vivo Malaysia has introduced its latest addition to the Y Series, the vivo Y78 5G. This cutting-edge smartphone is designed to elevate users’ lifestyles with its outstanding capabilities and features that cater to their passion for technology and photography. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the vivo Y78 5G a perfect companion for photography, its eye-catching appearance and captivating display, the power of its flash charge, and its memory maximizer.

Perfect Photography Companion:

The standout feature of the vivo Y78 5G is its remarkable 64MP OIS anti-shake camera. The newly upgraded flagship OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) offers a larger anti-shake camera, ensuring sharper and blur-free images even in shaky hands and low-light conditions. Users can capture their precious moments with ease, knowing that the camera will deliver stunning results. Additionally, the Y78 5G’s dual-view video capability allows users to simultaneously record with both the front and rear cameras, making vlogging and capturing special moments a breeze.

Eye-Catching Appearance and Captivating Display:

The vivo Y78 5G not only excels in performance but also impresses with its aesthetics. Users have a choice between two stunning colors – Dreamy Gold and Flare Black. Dreamy Gold, inspired by radiant sunsets at the Sepang Gold Coast beach, mesmerizes with its brilliance when touched by light. On the other hand, Flare Black draws inspiration from the mysterious night sky adorned with shining stars, exuding wonder and elegance.

The smartphone’s 120Hz OLED Dual-Curved display delivers an ultra-smooth, ultra-clear, and refined visual experience. Its high refresh rate and touch sampling rate ensure that users enjoy smooth scrolling and responsiveness. The precisely designed 6.0-inch curve also enhances grip comfort while reducing color distortion on the edges, a common issue faced by other ultra-large and curved-screen smartphones.

Unleash the Power of Flash Charge:

The vivo Y78 5G comes equipped with an impressive 44W fast and stable flash charge system. This technology ensures swift and efficient charging while keeping heat generation to a minimum. With the advanced flash charge, the 5000mAh battery can be replenished quickly and effectively, boasting a remarkable power conversion efficiency of up to 97%.

What sets this smartphone apart is its innovative smart charging engine, which adapts to usage patterns to determine the optimal charging strategy. Whether the screen is off or actively being used while plugged in, the charging process is dynamically adjusted to reduce battery deterioration. This extends the battery’s lifespan by an impressive 25%, ensuring longevity and convenience for users.

Memory Maximiser:

The vivo Y78 5G introduces an Extended RAM feature, allowing users to expand their RAM up to 8GB. This enhancement enables over 25 active apps to run smoothly in the background, ensuring seamless multi-app switching and effortless restoration with a simple tap. The Y78 5G takes RAM optimization to the next level with its ingenious RAM saver technology, which efficiently manages memory and reduces clutter.

The RAM saver diligently works in the background, reducing memory consumption by the system and various apps during runtime. This smart feature can save up to 600MB of memory space, providing room for the device to breathe and perform at its peak. As a result, the vivo Y78 5G experiences a significant boost in speed and smooth performance, making it a true powerhouse.

In celebration of the launch, Vivo Malaysia offers exclusive gifts valued up to RM599 and a free Viu premium subscription to buyers of the vivo Y78 5G. Additionally, the collaboration with Viu provides three months of complimentary Viu Premium Subscriptions for vivo Y78 5G purchasers to enjoy the best viewing experience on the device’s outstanding 120Hz OLED Dual-Curved display.