Vivo Unveils Cutting-Edge Imaging Innovations

Vivo Unveils Cutting-Edge Imaging Innovations

August 3, 2023 0 By Rowena Cletus

Vivo, a prominent mobile technology company, recently held the highly anticipated 2023 vivo Imaging Conference in Xining, China, where it presented a groundbreaking array of imaging technology innovations. The event garnered attention from industry experts and photography enthusiasts alike.

One of the highlights of the conference was the introduction of the V3 chip, a cutting-edge 6nm customized chip, combined with the latest algorithm technology. This powerful combination elevates imaging capabilities to new heights, allowing users to capture stunning and professional-grade photographs.

In collaboration with ZEISS, a renowned optical pioneer, Vivo revealed the periscoped lens featuring ‘Vario-Apo-Sonnar’ standards. This innovative lens design offers high-performance zoom quality, while the APO technology delivers creamy bokeh effects, further enhancing the overall photography experience.

The event also marked the announcement of the winners of the prestigious 2023 VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards. Indonesian photographer Jiehan Herry Saputro’s captivating photograph titled ‘Let Me Fly’ was crowned Best Photograph of the Year, showcasing his exceptional talent and creativity.

During the conference, industry experts, including Yu Meng, Vice President of vivo Imaging, shared their views on technological innovation and the future of mobile imaging. Vivo’s commitment to delivering ‘human-centric professional imaging’ was emphasized, with continuous enhancements in optics, computing, and algorithmic foundations to provide users with exceptional imaging capabilities.

The V3 chip’s impressive features include 4K cinema-like bokeh, automatic subject focus detection, cinema-like skin optimization, and cinematic color processing. These advancements position vivo as the first Android phone maker to enable 4K cinema-quality portrait video with post-processing functionalities.

Vivo Origin Imaging Engine (VOIE) further improves image quality, color, tone, and computing functionality through its three sub-modules: Color Restoration Engine, Ultra HD Engine, and Accelerated Computing Engine. This technology ensures a superior shooting experience in various scenarios.

The collaboration with ZEISS has resulted in breakthrough innovations for vivo’s X series flagship smartphones. ZEISS T* Coating significantly reduces lens flares in challenging lighting conditions, making the X series even more versatile for users.

Looking ahead, Vivo has exciting plans for collaborations with MediaTek and Sony for future X series models, along with joint innovation research with industry partners and educational institutes to drive further advancements in mobile imaging.

Vivo’s dedication to developing 3D portrait technology and enhancing image quality, tone, and color for landscape shooting reflects its commitment to delivering a diverse and enriched imaging experience for users.

The True Colour Night model and XDR Photo 2.0 are designed to optimize night scene photography, ensuring exceptional image clarity and preservation of highlights without compromising color performance.

Furthermore, Vivo aims to work collaboratively with Adobe, Apple, and Google to standardize HDR photo display across various devices, making HDR photos consistent and visually appealing.

The introduction of rich and personalized colors inspired by classic photography techniques and films showcases Vivo’s creative approach to providing users with a unique and artistic photography experience.

The 2023 VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards recognized the talents of photographers in six categories, celebrating their outstanding contributions to the world of mobile photography.

In conclusion, Vivo’s unveiling of groundbreaking imaging innovations at the 2023 Imaging Conference reinforces its commitment to creating the best imaging technology and delivering exceptional user experiences in the world of mobile photography.