Understand Better The Knox Security Features

Understand Better The Knox Security Features

May 28, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

We interact with our mobile devices countless times daily, relying on them so heavily that they have become indispensable. As revolutionary technologies like AI and generative AI emerge, the possibilities for what our devices can help us achieve are expanding at an incredible pace.

Despite these technological advancements, your right to privacy remains unchanged. As new developments introduce new methods of data processing, Samsung believes in providing you with a complete understanding of your personal information. Transparency, choice, and control are fundamental to the mobile experience we offer.

In a world where digital security and privacy are paramount, ensuring that users have full control over their devices is crucial. That’s why Samsung is dedicated to providing solutions that empower you to manage your data usage completely.

Security & Privacy Dashboard

At the heart of this commitment is our Security & Privacy Dashboard. This feature gives you comprehensive control over your data, including who can see it and how it is used. With a straightforward, user-friendly interface, you can view, create, and update your app permissions, controls, and data-sharing settings, allowing you to personalize your experience fully.

The Dashboard also identifies any data that may be at risk, clearly displaying the safety status of various security items. To access it, go to:

Settings > Security and privacy

From here, you can easily adjust your settings to mitigate potential risks. Items are prioritized based on their impact on your online safety, such as lock screen security, account security, lost device protection via Find My Phone, app security, and updates. These critical functions are instantly accessible, with intuitive red, yellow, or green alerts indicating any issues at a glance.

Samsung also takes proactive measures on your behalf. For instance, Galaxy devices automatically remove permissions from apps that haven’t been used in a while, which can be reinstated via the Dashboard. The Permission Manager shows you which apps can access your data—such as location, camera, or microphone—and in what context. The Permission Usage feature lets you review recently used permissions, showing which apps have accessed certain permissions in the last 24 hours or seven days. The Dashboard also offers instant action prompts to help make data management more intuitive and transparent.

For enhanced privacy, you can enable features like the Clipboard Access toggle. Activating this setting (go to Settings, then Privacy, and find “Alert when clipboard accessed”) ensures you receive notifications whenever an app accesses your clipboard, preventing hidden activities.

Find My Mobile / Samsung Find

Losing a phone is an all-too-common experience, but with Find My Mobile and Samsung Find, you don’t need to worry about your personal information falling into the wrong hands. Once Find My Mobile is enabled, Samsung Find allows you to locate, lock, and even erase your device’s data to secure it. You can find your device even if it’s not connected to a mobile network, as long as it’s turned on. Samsung Find also helps you locate other Galaxy devices, including Buds, tablets, and watches.

Additional features make it easier to find your devices. You can invite family members to view the location or activate ringing noises to help locate shared devices. To improve your chances of finding lost devices, you can remotely enable power-saving mode via Samsung Find.

To enable this, go to:

Settings > Security and privacy > Lost device protection

Advanced Intelligence Settings

As a leading global manufacturer, Samsung is dedicated to enhancing the device experience through AI features while prioritizing privacy. Many of our Galaxy AI features use on-device data processing, ensuring your sensitive information stays with you. For features requiring cloud processing, we enforce strict data protection policies.

In the era of AI, we understand that some users prefer keeping data on their devices. Samsung offers Advanced Intelligence settings on our Galaxy AI-supported devices, allowing you to decide how much data to use for AI enhancements and whether to enable online processing for full AI functionality.

To access these settings, go to:

Settings > Advanced features > Advanced Intelligence

Samsung remains committed to providing transparency, choice, and control in this era of advanced technology. It’s your device, your data, and your privacy—secured with Galaxy.

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