Samsung’s Galaxy AI Enhances Language Experiences Globally

Samsung’s Galaxy AI Enhances Language Experiences Globally

June 18, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

As Samsung continues to innovate with premium mobile AI experiences, we explore how Galaxy AI is helping users reach their full potential. Now supporting 16 languages, Galaxy AI offers features like Live Translate, Interpreter, Note Assist, and Browsing Assist, even offline, allowing more people to expand their language capabilities. This time, we delve into how the teams tailored Galaxy AI for the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong.

Tailoring Galaxy AI for China

With the rise of AI tools using large language models (LLM) worldwide, China has seen its own popular platforms like Baidu’s ERNIE Bot and Meitu’s MiracleVision. Samsung’s R&D institutes in Guangzhou (SRC-G) and Beijing (SRC-B) collaborated with these companies to develop Galaxy AI features for China. This ensured Mandarin speakers had a seamless Galaxy AI experience, despite the distinct back-end technology.

“We blend global best practices with China’s local nuances, creating and refining features through constant communication with Chinese consumers,” says Hairong Zhang, Software Innovation Group Leader at SRC-G. The collaboration led to a successful launch of generative AI features in China, including the market-specific Touch to Search function.

Developing for Cantonese

Following the introduction of Mandarin with the Galaxy S24 in January 2024, the team focused on developing Cantonese for the Hong Kong market. This task involved addressing unique language features and cultural aspects. Cantonese differs significantly from Mandarin in grammar and has nine tones for pronunciation compared to Mandarin’s four. Additionally, Cantonese speakers often mix Cantonese and English in daily conversations.

“Cantonese varies across regions, with differences in slang, vocabulary, and pronunciation,” explains Jing Li, who leads the Cantonese AI solution testing. The team verified extensive Hong Kong-specific data and proofread thousands of test cases, ensuring accurate speech recognition and translation.

The Cultural Impact of Communication

The launch of the Cantonese language option received positive feedback, highlighting the importance of local expertise and collaboration. “Language and communication are crucial in every region,” says Henry Wat, Head of the Engineering Group at Samsung Electronics Hong Kong. “Any tool that helps people communicate is invaluable, and our work in this area is meaningful.”

Looking Ahead

Next, we will visit Brazil to explore how another team is working across cultures and borders to bring Galaxy AI to more people. Stay tuned for the next episode of The Learning Curve.