Pre-order Samsung AI TV and Win Prizes Worth RM140,000

Pre-order Samsung AI TV and Win Prizes Worth RM140,000

April 18, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

Samsung Malaysia is excited to announce the pre-order launch for their newest Samsung AI TV lineup! Get ready for the AI-powered Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED, and OLED TVs that seamlessly blend into your smart home setup for a more connected and convenient lifestyle.

With AI technology, these TVs revolutionize how we interact with them, making entertainment more accessible and enjoyable. Imagine easily controlling your TV with voice commands or having it predict your preferences and suggest personalized content. Whether it’s improving picture quality or voice clarity, the AI TV enhances our lifestyle by offering a smarter, more immersive entertainment experience tailored to our needs.

As a bonus, pre-order between April 17, 2024, and May 2, 2024, and you could win Touch ’n Go e-wallet credit and prizes worth a total of RM140,000! Check out the pre-order promos below:

  1. Neo QLED 8K – get up to RM2,500 Touch ’n Go e-wallet credit
  2. Neo QLED 4K – get up to RM2,900 Touch ’n Go e-wallet credit
  3. OLED – get up to RM1,600 Touch ’n Go e-wallet credit

To elevate your home entertainment, we’ve also launched the latest 2024 Q-Series Soundbar. Sync it seamlessly with your Samsung TV using Q-Symphony for a complete home theatre experience. Samsung has been the top-selling Soundbar brand for 10 years, continuously pushing boundaries.

For those who appreciate artistic design, our all-new Music Frame, inspired by picture frames, might be just what you need. Display your photos or artwork while enjoying wireless audio with smart features. Use it alone or pair it with your Samsung TV and Soundbar for an enhanced auditory experience that fits any space.

As part of the pre-order promotion:

  1. Music Frame – save up to RM500 from its RRP of RM1,999
  2. The Frame – get up to RM800 Touch ’n Go e-wallet credit
  3. Q-Series Soundbar – save up to RM1,500 when you purchase the latest Q-Series Soundbar.

Upgrade your TV experience with our Samsung AI TV and complement it with a Soundbar for ultimate home entertainment. Pre-order now to enjoy these exciting offers!

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