Exploring the Future How AI is Revolutionizing Home Entertainment

Exploring the Future How AI is Revolutionizing Home Entertainment

May 29, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

Earlier this year, Samsung unveiled its complete 2024 audio and video lineup during a series of Unbox and Discover events across Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO). This year’s collection offers premium audio and visual experiences enhanced by AI innovation, including the latest Neo QLED 8K, which features Samsung’s most advanced TV processor to date, the NQ8 AI Gen3.

More recently, Samsung hosted regional press members at the 2024 Southeast Asia Tech Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand. This event provided detailed insights and exclusive hands-on experiences through in-depth discussions and demonstrations, highlighting the latest devices and their on-device and Cloud AI features.

We had the opportunity to speak with Yohan Zondak, Head of Visual Display for Samsung Southeast Asia & Oceania, about the latest TV industry trends and how Samsung’s 2024 display lineup is inspiring new ways of living in SEAO.

Q: How are the latest technology trends such as AI elevating everyday experiences like home entertainment?

A: For Samsung, AI is not new; we have been investing in AI for over a decade. These investments have uniquely positioned Samsung to lead in everyday AI, from the applications in our devices to our AI-enabling chips powering our 2024 audio and video devices. AI is now delivering tangible benefits to users, creating smarter and better experiences that redefine how we live, work, and play. Consumers in SEAO today are more discerning than ever, with nearly 7 in 10 expecting their new TV to provide extensive high-quality content (72%), support the latest technology and features (71%), and offer the most cinematic and immersive experiences (69%).

According to the Samsung 2023 TV Awareness Survey, each user is unique and uses technology differently, whether at home or outside. Samsung has integrated intelligent features into our visual display products from the ground up, enhancing quality, accessibility, and security across a wide range of devices. Our advanced technologies, from MICRO LED displays to the Neo QLED 8K enabled by the new NQ8 AI Gen3 Processor, allow everyone to enjoy their favorite content in a more accessible and intuitive way. Samsung aims to set new benchmarks for home entertainment experiences empowered by AI.

In addition, Samsung TVs are the go-to choice for those looking to upscale their entertainment, offering endless viewing content with Samsung TV Plus. Users can enjoy free television channels and an ever-growing video-on-demand library.

Q: Unlocking the power of AI right from your Samsung Smart TV; what practical benefits should users expect from this new technology?

A: Our new AI TVs are designed to enhance the everyday viewing experience. For example, the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor is our fastest and most innovative processor yet, featuring an on-device AI engine (NPU) that is twice as fast as our previous Gen2 model with eight times more neural networks. This means our TVs, like the Neo QLED 8K, can display sharper and clearer images and offer features such as AI Motion Enhancer Pro.

Furthermore, despite the advent of high-quality streaming, users who want to revisit old favorites in lower-resolution formats can benefit from 8K AI Upscaling. This feature upscales low-resolution content, optimizing the viewing experience on large screens. This allows the enjoyment of SD and HD content upscaled to 8K quality for maximum viewing pleasure.

Q: How are Samsung TVs elevating gaming experiences in 2024?

A: Gamers often find it cumbersome to manually adjust settings for optimal performance. Our latest OLED TVs feature AI Auto Game mode, which automatically sets the appropriate picture and sound settings based on the game genre using AI. For instance, the TV switches to Sports mode for football games to make grass colors appear more natural, and to FPS mode for first-person shooter games, offering better visibility in darker scenes. This allows users to spend more time gaming and less time adjusting settings.

Q: How does a human-centered philosophy shape users’ experience of AI?

A: At Samsung, we believe AI should go beyond devices to make a tangible and personalized impact on all areas of life. For example, our TVs automatically detect subtitles and convert them into spoken audio, making the TV experience more inclusive for those with low vision. Samsung’s Audio Subtitles enhance the TV experience for those who rely on audio and dialogue but may struggle with reading subtitles in foreign films and programs.

Additionally, we work with various partners, including energy and materials suppliers, to ensure sustainability principles are applied beyond just product design. SmartThings AI Energy Mode promotes sustainable living by automatically reducing power consumption without negatively impacting the viewing experience, allowing users to enjoy TV while saving energy and costs.

Security and privacy are central to our SmartThings and TV experience. Users can trust that their devices and data are protected with Samsung Knox, a trusted security solution integrated into our TVs. Samsung Knox has recently achieved the Common Criteria certification for the 10th consecutive year, recognized by 31 countries for assessing IT product security integrity. Knox Vault, a dedicated security chip using advanced encryption technology, monitors and secures data transfer between all connected devices, offering better peace of mind.