The First Love Edition V29 5G by Vivo Malaysia

The First Love Edition V29 5G by Vivo Malaysia

November 22, 2023 0 By Rowena Cletus

Vivo Malaysia introduces ‘First Love Pink,’ the newest addition to the V29 5G series, continuing its legacy of innovation and style. This enchanting hue, inspired by the essence of first love, makes for a heartfelt gifting option as the year comes to a close.

More than just a color, ‘First Love Pink’ embodies the feeling of a gentle flush experienced when encountering someone significant—a mix of enthusiasm, internal reflections, and profound joy. It brings to mind the memories of initial affection, the excitement of being noticed by someone important, and the anticipation of those early romantic moments.

To celebrate this significant launch, Vivo Malaysia presents the “Join The Love Campaign,” encouraging Malaysians to immerse themselves in the emotional resonance and nostalgic charm of the Vivo V29 5G First Love. Malaysians are invited to strike a captivating “Heart Pose” and share their photos for a chance to win an exclusive prize, adding an extra layer of joy to the celebration of first love and the holiday season.

Here are the simple steps to take part in the ‘Join The Love Campaign’ :

Step 1: Strike a “Heart Pose” in front of the camera by placing both hands on it

Step 2: Upload your photo here and save it in your gallery

Step 3: Post it in the comment section below with two hashtags #vivoV295GFirstLove #AuraPortraitNowSmart — to complete the entries

Apart from that, vivo Malaysia achieved huge sales success from its vivo V29 5G Starry Purple portraying the brand’s strong performance. Leveraging the strengths of the vivo V29 5G, vivo anticipates a successful fourth quarter driven by the Christmas and New Year shopping seasons.

For more information, please stay tuned to vivo official Facebook page and vivo official TikTok page.