Samsung Auto Blocker Detect Potential Malware

Samsung Auto Blocker Detect Potential Malware

November 2, 2023 0 By Rowena Cletus

Samsung Galaxy has introduced a new security tool called Auto Blocker, designed to offer users personalized protection for their devices. This tool is part of Samsung’s commitment to enhancing security and privacy within its open ecosystem.

Auto Blocker allows users to make choices that suit their needs when it comes to security. Dr. Seungwon Shin, EVP and head of Security Team at Samsung Electronics, emphasizes the importance of empowering users to decide what’s best for them.

One of Auto Blocker’s features is preventing app installations from unauthorized sources (sideloading), which is off by default. For those who prefer not to sideload or customize extensively, enabling Auto Blocker can provide extra security against social engineering attacks, like voice phishing.

Auto Blocker offers additional controls, including app security checks to detect potential malware and prevent harmful commands or software installations via USB cable. This adds a layer of protection when someone has physical access to the device, such as charging at an airport.

The update to Message Guard within Auto Blocker helps safeguard users from Zero Click attacks, even in third-party apps. Samsung is committed to providing a safer and more secure mobile experience, allowing users to take control of their devices while maintaining industry-leading security standards. Auto Blocker is the latest addition to Samsung’s suite of security and privacy innovations, enhancing the overall mobile experience within the Galaxy ecosystem.