OnePlus 12 Latest Design

OnePlus 12 Latest Design

November 27, 2023 0 By Rowena Cletus

Global technology powerhouse OnePlus has lifted the curtain on its latest innovation, the eagerly awaited OnePlus 12. Building on the success of its predecessor, the OnePlus 11, the OnePlus 12 showcases a seamless blend of evolution and continuity in design, featuring purposeful refinements that promise an unparalleled user experience.

Alert Slider: A Shift in Perspective

The most striking change in the OnePlus 12 design is the relocation of the iconic Alert Slider to the left-hand side of the phone. This strategic move not only brings about a fresh aesthetic but also paves the way for the integration of a new gaming-focused antenna solution. Recognizing the optimal position for gaming antennas between the forefingers in landscape mode, OnePlus addresses the space challenge posed by the Alert Slider on the OnePlus 11 by relocating it to the opposite side. Leveraging Ultra-compact Full-band Antenna technology and a groundbreaking Alert Slider Antenna Integration, OnePlus achieves a delicate balance, enhancing gaming antenna performance by 3dB and reducing game latency by an impressive 15%.

Flowy Emerald Design: Where Nature Meets Technology

Breaking free from the confines of rigid lines and structured cityscapes, OnePlus embraces the untamed beauty of nature with the introduction of the Flowy Emerald design. Inspired by the meandering paths of the Dart River, the design team embarked on a journey of creativity, capturing the elegance of braided river channels. The OnePlus 12 achieves this by employing the 3X periscope telephoto camera, backed by the 4th Gen Hasselblad Camera for Mobile. The mesmerizing beauty of the river’s interwoven strands is then meticulously imprinted onto the glass surface of the device using the latest AG technology, seamlessly marrying cutting-edge technology with the wonders of the natural world.