Samsung BESPOKE Jet Plus Cordless Vacuum

Samsung BESPOKE Jet Plus Cordless Vacuum

March 7, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

Samsung Electronics Malaysia has introduced the latest iteration of its BESPOKE Jet™ Plus, featuring an integrated All-In-One Clean Station. This lightweight and efficient vacuum showcases new features such as a user-friendly auto-closing dustbin for easy disposal, a Slim LED brush for thorough cleaning, and the Pet Tool+ with an anti-tangle grinder for efficient pet hair collection.

The cordless stick vacuum boasts exceptional suction power, trapping an impressive 99.999% dust with its advanced Jet Cyclone technology.

Mr. Denny Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd, emphasized, “The BESPOKE Jet™ Plus is more than an upgrade, especially for everyday cleaning in Malaysian homes. Its innovative features, including the auto disposal systems, lightweight design, and long-lasting performance, demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to providing hassle-free and time-saving cleaning solutions.”

Enhancing the cleaning experience, the latest BESPOKE Jet™ Plus introduces an enhanced All-in-One Clean Station. This feature allows the vacuum to automatically initiate the charging process upon returning to its designated port, providing a worry-free cleaning experience with its automatic “empty-out dustbin” system.

The auto-closing dustbin ensures a hygienic cleaning process, preventing contact with dust, mites, or contaminants, and promoting a cleaner environment for users.

The BESPOKE Jet™ Plus has advanced cleaning technologies, including the Digital Inverter Motor, spinning up to 135,000rpm, and a powerful Jet Cyclone innovation with extreme suction power of 210W. This combination efficiently traps dust through its Multi-layered Filtration system.

Tailored for pet owners, the vacuum features the Pet Tool+ with a rubber nozzle and bristles designed to capture fine pet hairs. The V-shaped drum gathers hairs in the center, followed by a self-cleaning grinder to eliminate tangling.

The user-friendly LCD digital display enhances control and maintenance, providing information on power levels, operating time, error notifications, charging status, and language preferences. The 24% lighter design, weighing 1.44kg, ensures maximum usability and reduced strain on the user’s wrist. The telescopic pipe design offers ergonomic comfort with 3 level length adjustments, ranging from 525mm to 665mm, catering to users of different sizes.

The BESPOKE Jet™ Plus cordless vacuum stick will be available with a 5-year free warranty as a nationwide launch promotion from 1 Mar – 30 Apr 2024. To learn more about the BESPOKE Jet™ Plus offerings, convenience and experiences, please visit