Galaxy Users Welcome To The Mobile AI

Galaxy Users Welcome To The Mobile AI

February 21, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

The development of the Galaxy S24 series marks a significant milestone in my career as an engineer. AI, being the most transformative technology of the century, has made this period particularly rewarding. This revolutionary advancement has the potential to bring about significant change not only for Samsung and the mobile industry but for humanity as a whole.

AI integration into phones signifies a new era for mobile experiences, and Samsung Galaxy is poised to play a leading role. With our extensive product range, a history of innovation, and a commitment to open collaboration, we aim to accelerate global expansion, making mobile AI easily accessible and unlocking new possibilities.

Our focus on pioneering experiences in mobile AI has led to features like Circle to Search with Google, Live Translate, Chat Assist, Interpreter, and Photo Assist, powered by the ProVisual Engine. The positive feedback received since the launch of the Galaxy S24 series motivates us to continue developing new AI features, building on innovative ideas and concepts.

Looking ahead, our plans involve extending Galaxy AI beyond smartphones to optimize it for various device categories and services. Select Galaxy wearables will leverage AI to enhance digital health, opening up a new era of expanded intelligent health experiences. Collaborations with industry-leading AI partners will further enrich and expand Galaxy AI experiences across categories.

The Galaxy S24 series, our first AI phone, is designed to meet user needs and inspire them to envision the positive impact of AI on their lives. As we shape the standard of mobile AI, we acknowledge challenges and responsibilities, including addressing hallucinations in AI models and navigating intellectual property rights debates. Open collaboration is essential to define AI experiences, ensuring user confidence in their newfound abilities.

Security and privacy remain top priorities in this data-intensive era, leading us to adopt a hybrid approach that combines on-device and cloud-based AI. This approach not only ensures seamless usability but also empowers users to control certain features entirely on-device, enhancing device security and privacy.

In this new era of mobile AI, the focus shifts from what a phone can do to what individuals can achieve with the right tools. The Galaxy S24 series provides these tools, and the next chapter of mobile experiences belongs to Samsung Galaxy users. The possibilities, usefulness, and meaning are determined by you, the users, as we eagerly anticipate witnessing the transformative impact of AI in your hands.