VIVO V30 Series With ZEISS Technology

VIVO V30 Series With ZEISS Technology

March 14, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

Vivo Malaysia proudly introduces the latest additions to its V series lineup, the vivo V30 and vivo V30 Pro. These smartphones boast an ultra-slim design and feature a durable 5000 mAh battery that lasts up to four years. With eye-catching color options and the enhanced Aura Light Portrait 3.0 feature, these devices offer an unparalleled user experience.

The vivo V30 Pro goes even further with its ZEISS professional portrait camera, tailored for stunning photography. This integration ensures excellent performance, display quality, and extended battery life.

CEO of vivo Malaysia, Mike Xu, expressed, “The V30 Series achieves a remarkable engineering feat by integrating a 5000 mAh 4-Year Durable Battery into its slim frame, enhancing Aura Light Portrait 3.0, and partnering with ZEISS for professional-grade photography.”

The series enhances portrait photography with Aura Light Portrait 3.0, offering studio-like precision with features like Distance-Sensitive Lighting and Smart Colour Temperature Adjustment.

Moreover, the vivo V30 series features a strong camera setup, including a partnership with ZEISS Optic for the vivo V30 Pro. The series redefines imaging capabilities with its powerful camera system and innovative technology.

Designed for creativity, the vivo V30 series offers effortless video creation tools, including Aura Light Portrait 3.0 for video clarity in low-light settings and a Hybrid Image Stabilization feature for smooth footage.

The vivo V30 series combines style with functionality, featuring a slim design and a powerful 5000 mAh 4-year durable battery. The innovative Color, Material, and Finish (CMF) options provide a fresh design experience.

Recognizing Malaysia’s fashion talent, vivo Malaysia partnered with UCSI University to showcase wedding-themed wardrobes inspired by the vivo V30 series. The launch event highlighted the fusion of fashion and technology, emphasizing Malaysia’s diverse heritage.

Daiyan Trisha, the face of the vivo V30 series, brings her elegance and personality to the brand. She praised the device’s design and innovative features, particularly Aura Light Portrait 3.0 and the ZEISS Triple Main Camera.

The vivo V30 series is now available in Malaysia, with prices starting from RM1999 for the vivo V30 and RM2599 for the vivo V30 Pro. Pre-orders come with exclusive gifts and promotions, including complimentary storage upgrades for early buyers.

For more details, visit vivo Concept Stores or their official website vivo Malaysia’s facebook page.