The Pricing of Galaxy Buds3 Series Connected with Galaxy AI

The Pricing of Galaxy Buds3 Series Connected with Galaxy AI

July 10, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

With the power of Galaxy AI, the Galaxy Buds3 series brings a new communication experience. If you’re attending a class in a foreign language, you can turn on Interpreter in Listening mode on Galaxy Z Fold6 or Flip6 with Galaxy Buds3 series plugged into your ears. This will allow you to hear the lecture translated directly through your Galaxy Buds, removing language barriers that may exist in your studies. Also, simply saying two words through Voice Command allows you to control functions like playing or stopping music without manually touching the earbuds or a connected smartphone.

ModelRRPColour AvailabilityPre-order Galaxy Buds3 or Galaxy Buds3 Pro and get a free Buds Case worth RM169
*Design of Buds Case are subject to availability
Galaxy Buds3 ProRM999Grey WhitePre-order Galaxy Buds3 or Galaxy Buds3 Pro and get free Buds Case worth RM169
*Design of Buds Case are subject to availability
Galaxy Buds3RM599Grey White

Sound can also be intelligently optimized, regardless of how you wear your Galaxy Buds. The microphones in the Buds3 series analyze both internal and external sound in real-time to enhance sound and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) quality through Adaptive EQ and Adaptive ANC. And if you are listening to music, your Galaxy Buds3 Pro will constantly collect and identify surrounding sound and automatically adjust the optimal level of noise and sound without manual adjustment through Adaptive Noise Control, Siren Detection, and Voice Detection, all for your convenience.

Built upon a variety of collected statistical data, the Galaxy Buds3 series comes with a new computational design boasting a comfortable fit. The premium blade design also targets style-centric consumers with an ultra-sleek and modern style complemented with Blade Lights. This new design enables a more intuitive physical experience by allowing you to control the device by simply pinching or swiping up or down on the blade, thereby offering convenience and tasteful aesthetics at the same time. Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro offer two purpose-built design options. Galaxy Buds3 Pro is Canal Type for those looking for immersive sound, while Buds3 is Open Type for people who prefer to use the device in a variety of situations for an extended period.

To deliver a premium audio experience, Galaxy Buds3 Pro is equipped with advanced hardware. Galaxy Buds3 Pro comes with enhanced 2-way speakers with a planar tweeter for sophisticated, precise high-range sound production, and Dual Amplifiers for a crystal-clear sound experience on the go. And now, thanks to Ultra High-Quality Audio that supports a doubled sampling rate with SSC codec, you can listen to a high-resolution audio source as it was intended and enjoy every sound in superb detail.

This level of sound quality extends to phone calls, too. With a pre-trained model based on machine learning, the Galaxy Buds3 series is now able to restore the original voice of the speaker in various noise environments while also providing a rich and natural call — similar to the high-quality calls of smartphones — with the Super-Wideband Call feature.

Not only is the Galaxy Buds3 series created to provide a premium audio experience, but it is also designed to do more with less for people and the planet. Galaxy Buds3 and Galaxy Buds3 Pro feature several components in the cradle and earbuds that use recycled plastics sourced from discarded fishing nets or water barrels. Every Galaxy Buds3 series is packaged in a packaging box made with 100% recycled paper material.