Rebel Moon Dominates English Films List for Second Week

Rebel Moon Dominates English Films List for Second Week

January 3, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

Zack Snyder’s sci-fi fantasy epic, “Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire,” continues its reign atop the English Films List for the second consecutive week, amassing an impressive 34 million views. The film’s captivating narrative and visual splendor have clearly resonated with audiences, securing its position as the week’s most-watched title.

In a surprising twist, viewers showed a strong affinity for Julia Roberts, with two of her films ranking high on the list. Sam Esmail’s apocalyptic thriller “Leave the World Behind” grabbed the second spot with 14.6 million views, while the timeless romantic comedy “Pretty Woman,” directed by Garry Marshall, followed third with 8.4 million views.

Family-oriented films also enjoyed popularity, with Aardman’s “Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget” at fourth (8.2 million views), “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” at fifth (7.4 million views), and Adam Sandler’s animated hit “Leo” in its sixth week at sixth place (6.7 million views). Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun: Maverick” made a notable entry at seventh with 6.2 million views.

On the international front, “Berlin” (Spain), a spin-off of the hugely successful “Money Heist,” topped the Non-English TV List in its debut week with 11.3 million views. Mexican romantic comedy “The Manny” opened second with 8.2 million views, while Japanese offerings “Pókemon Concierge” and “Yu Yu Hakusho” debuted sixth and maintained fifth place, respectively.

The English TV List saw a surge in stand-up specials, with Ricky Gervais: Armageddon leading at first place (8 million views), Dave Chappelle: The Dreamer at fifth (2.2 million views), and Trevor Noah: Where Was I at eighth (1.7 million views). Teen romance drama “My Life with the Walter Boys” and the final season of “The Crown” held strong positions at second and third, respectively.

In the Non-English Films category, Brazil’s “A Vampire in the Family” debuted at the top with 7.6 million views. The Indian true-crime documentary “Curry & Cyanide – The Jolly Joseph Case” climbed to second place with 6.5 million views, followed by the Swedish comedy “Thank You, I’m Sorry” and the Indian drama “Kho Gaye Hum Kahan.”

This diverse array of films and TV shows highlights the global reach and varied tastes of today’s streaming audiences.