Endless Power Upgrade to Galaxy S24 for Ultimate Battery Life!

Endless Power Upgrade to Galaxy S24 for Ultimate Battery Life!

April 22, 2024 0 By Rowena Cletus

Are you tired of trying all sorts of tricks to save your phone’s battery life? From dimming the screen to turning off unused apps and features, there’s always something to manage. But what if your phone could handle all that for you? That’s where the Galaxy S24 comes in, making battery management effortless and seamless.

The Galaxy S24 series stands out with its impressive battery capacities. With 5000mAh (45w) on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, 4,900 mAh (45w) on the Galaxy S24+, and 4,000mAh (25w) on the Galaxy S24, you can go through your day without worrying about running out of battery.

Imagine going on a day trip with friends, relying on your phone for directions, photos, and more. With the Galaxy S24, you can do all that without constantly checking your battery percentage or carrying a bulky power bank.

And for gamers, the Galaxy S24 series is a game-changer. With a larger Vapor Chamber for optimal thermal control, your phone stays cool even during intense gaming sessions. Plus, the Adaptive Refresh Rate helps save battery by adjusting the screen refresh rate based on your usage.

Say goodbye to battery anxiety and hello to uninterrupted adventures and gaming sessions with the Galaxy S24 series!

Upgrade to Galaxy S24 Series Today!

Users upgrading their device to the Galaxy S24 series before the 30th of April 2024 will enjoy a slew of deals including

  • Up to an additional RM650 enhanced trade-in
  • Free Galaxy Watch6 (44mm) worth RM1,199
  • Up to RM800 PWP on selected Galaxy Wearables, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Buds
  • Up to 45% off on Samsung Care+ & Accessories